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-Richard Miguel : +509 3816 6132 = provides interpreting and driving around services (better for the day otherwise may be expensive); also has an extensive network; used to live in NYC
-Nick's Yellow Taxi : +509 2948 7777 = pricey but also safe and comfortable; depends on where but about $1 per 2 minutes
-Good website for things to do: manmanpemba.com/eventcategor...
-Tourist website of GoH: magichaiti.com/themagazine.p...
-Good website for news (in English): http://www.haitian-truth.org/

Depending on where you're staying, I wouldn't walk around, or not at least far from the hotel. In Petion-ville it's relatively safe, but still not at night. This is regards to Port-au-Prince life. Not sure what other specific questions you have. Feel free to ask or PM me. Safe travels.

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Fran Gourdet


Hi, My name is Fran Gourdet (my last name rhymes with “Gourmet”) and I’m an eCommerce and Online Marketing Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Educator and Coach.

I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Coach in Training for Ann Sieg Consulting, Inc..

I was born in the Bahamas, of Haitian parents, raised in New York City and now living in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.